CNC Services

Computerized routing is the future of woodworking!  It allows cabinet shops, contractors, woodworkers and sign shops to quickly and accurately cut out parts to a few thousandths tolerance, repeatably and with high quality.  CNC machines and the training to use them are expensive, however.  We can help!  We can work with you to cut high-quality items from wood, engineered materials or plastic using our CAMaster Stinger III CNC machine.  Our machine has a 4×8 table, vacuum hold down, and 3-spindle head to mill sheet goods.  We also have a lathe attachment, and are expert in its use – the machine manufacturer even has us do their training when they sell it to other customers!

Examples of parts we can cut for you include:

  • Cabinet and furniture parts
  • Legs, columns, spirals and other turned elements
  • Sign cutouts and letters
  • Carvings and carved items
  • Inlays, including both standard and v-carve inlays